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Knowledge is the Tool, the Power is in Action.

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And sometimes physical reality will give you the same situation, the same set of circumstances that was there before to give you an opportunity to see if you actually, really have changed because change is not about what happens on the outside, it’s about how you respond to what happens. It’s a state of being, not circumstance.
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Bashar On DMT Spirit Molecule

Featuring noted Channeler Darryl Anka and host Lance Mungia. And in a clip from Conscious Life Expo, Bashar discusses DMT (dimethyltryptamine), aka The Spirit Molecule, the Ayahuasca brew used by native shamans to produce an expanded consciousness and a greater connection to the divine.

(Skepticism is fine, but watch with an open mind.)

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When you change your attitude, you will undoubtedly change your experience. Millions of cells seamlessly access and evaluate the myriad of choices you make in order to impel you toward encountering your desires. Each moment, your body is processing reams of sophisticated data involving the past, present, and future. You must learn to pay very close attention to the signals you send out by noticing and examining how you feel about what you create and encounter. Acknowledging your feelings can lead to deeper self-realization because your feelings are always the key to figuring out your beliefs. Remember, feelings take you back to beliefs, so find the feeling and really feel it. Once you have indentified the belief behind the feeling, acknowledging the role of the belief, then release it and replace it with a more empowered outlook.

~Path of Empowerment~

Barbara Marciniak

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The alchemists, who in their own way knew more about the nature of the individuation process than we moderns do, expressed this paradox through the symbol of the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. The Ouroboros has been said to have a meaning of infinity or wholeness. In the age-old image of the Ouroboros lies the thought of devouring oneself and turning oneself into a circulatory process, for it was clear to the more astute alchemists that the prima materia of the art was man himself. The Ouroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, i.e. of the shadow. This ‘feed-back’ process is at the same time a symbol of immortality, since it is said of the Ouroboros that he slays himself and brings himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself. He symbolizes the One, who proceeds from the clash of opposites, and he therefore constitutes the secret of the prima materia which … unquestionably stems from man’s unconscious.
Carl Jung, “On the Ouroboros,” c. 1930 (via crystal)

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